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Why consider moving your business to an office space, and not continue to use your home as a base for your office? 

Check out some of the reasons here!


Your business is growing at a rate where you can no longer sustain running it at home. You are now taking on a team of staff…which is great, however, there are many other reasons why you should consider having your business located at an office space away from home.

It’s a huge decision for any business owner to make, but with the right preparation and timing , it can excel your startup into something much, much bigger!

Did you know if you have a home based business that…

Your mortgage company or landlord may not allow you to run a business from home. If you don’t have permission things can quickly get very complicated.

Breaching the terms of your mortgage could risk the loan being terminated and being repayable immediately. This is a big risk, that must be ironed out prior to you starting a home based business!

Your home insurance policy may become invalid should there be any claim from a customer who has visited you on your home business premises. If you have not notified your insurance company of the changes, this will invalidate your home insurance policy, even for a private home claim such as damaged items. Also trying to gain a new insurance policy in future may become a problem for you as many insurance brokers can reject your application on your history. 

If you live in a Leasehold property, you will almost certainly be unable to use your home as a base for a business as your Leasehold agreement will state that you cannot run a business from the property. Check your lease before you consider starting your new business venture!

You have completed a health and safety check of your home office and have found that there are too many hazards to run your business safely from home. If this is the case then there is only one option of moving to a new premises.

You may need planning permission if you are making changes to your home, or if running your business will cause a ‘material change’ in the use of your property. This can be somewhat costly and take many months for this to go through the local authority, with absolutely no guarantee this will be accepted by the legal planning department.

If you work from home, the part of the property used for your business may be liable for business rates while the remainder of the property remains liable to council tax.

You may need to check with neighbours to ensure that they are happy with you stating a business which may disturb them, and you will have to contact your local council’s planning department for advice if:

  • You intend to make alterations – such as building an extension for your business.
  • Your home won’t be mainly used as your private residence
  • Your activities could possibly disturb neighbours, such as increased traffic and visitors, noise and smells.

Benefits of moving to an office space

Get support from your office management including tech support and assistance. This can include many things such as establishing a secure internet connection and phone lines.

Your premises will be fully insured to run your growing business from. This will be included in your monthly rental agreement and you will be fully insured to run your business from scratch. 

You can have as many employees as you are allocated by the size of your office with no concerns of potential risk, as the assessment would have already been completed by the office management.

You also don’t have to worry about Health & Safety assessments as these would of been passed for use of the premises.

A more productive office environment can help you have the right staff levels needed, where a home business is unlikely to help you grow due to the many restrictions you will experience should your business be at a place where you are growing. You will maybe lose out on business without even knowing it!

It gives you a private space so you can have meetings with your customers or team members, or to arrange interviews for new candidates. 

It shows prospective clients and team members that you are a serious and established business owner and that they should work with and for you.

Moving from a home based business to a new office location allows you to bring your business into line with your company branding.

It gives your business a brand new makeover!

It gives a clear distinction of a work, home balance.

It is also a very good indication that your business is growing!

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” 

— James Cash Penney, founder of JCPenney.

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