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Business Startup Tips

So, you have a fantastic idea for a new business venture, but not sure what to do next? There is so much to look into and for you (and your family) to consider before you make the BIG jump into going it alone. Here are a few tips to consider before you jump!

Planning to start a business?

Putting together a business plan cannot be spoken of highly enough as it is such a crucial aspect to see if your business is a winner, or a potential stinker! 

First things first is to consider keeping your current job whilst you go through his stage of the very long process of starting your business. man a business has gone under even before the first round bell has sounded, and this is all down to planning, which is a good thing as I will explain…

You have an idea and then look into the business starter nitty gritty. There are questions you need to be honest about when answering these nerving questions.

1) Have you enough funds to start? 

2) Have you the necessary equipment to start? If not, be honest as to what you need.

3) Have you seriously looked at the real competition you will face when you start?

4) Have you done the maths in what you need to survive with all the expenses you will require, including your mortgage or rent?

5) Have you spoken to family, friends and even colleagues (that you can trust) and asked for honest feedback on your business idea?

6) Are you fully qualified to start your business?

Setting up a business legally.

One of the most important things to do once you have decided that you are going to launch your business is to register with HMRC (Gov.UK) Most startup businesses register with HMRC as a sole trader, limited company or partnership. You can see this information on the website to see what suits your venture more as there are variables that you should consider, especially when it comes to tax and legal status. 

You will also need to plan for possible licensing that may be required to run your business. This can take some time to go through the application with the governing bodies or local planning departments, so be patient and don’t start trading until you have the required paperwork as this will make your business insurance invalid. If you are considering employing anyone, you must ensure that taken into consideration the appropriate Health & Safety requirements….so much to do, but it will all be well worth it in the end if you want to succeed!

(This blog is not legal advice for your startup. We recommend you do thorough research to make sure you do everything correctly.)

Pitching to investors or future business partners.

Need the funds to get your venture off the ground? An investor is certainly a possibility, but caution is most definitely needed at this stage. There are risks to this, but the right investor can give your business the boost it needs to get started. The first thing that an investor will ask for is the business plan. Without this, you will be put at the bottom of the pile and will never be given the investment needed. This is completely avoidable if you have created the business plan. There are many apps and websites you can use but check out write a business plan from Gov.uk as a good starting point as this can help with putting together a solid plan for you. If you are looking to have an investor, you will need to present how you will pay the investment back and also how much profit you are forecasting in the first 4 years…should you survive. *

See the fact here*More than 50% of small businesses fail in the first four years.

If you are looking into a possible business that you are looking for an investor, check out 

The Angel Investment Network this organisation brings together businesses looking for investment and investors with the capital, contacts and knowledge to help them succeed.

Online presence…what to do first?

With any new startup an online presence is imperative! A business which started 50 years ago doesn’t necessarily need to have one as they have an established route to sales, but you don’t! The business world is constantly changing since the internet, and the world is a much smaller place now, so the perfect place for your business services to be online. 

First things first is to invest a small capital and time into building a website. This is something that you can do yourself with simple online tools to help you put together an immediate online presence, or you can hire a developer to put together something more polished looking.

Social Media is the online marketing king and there is no excuse for not having your business on at least one platform. The list depends on what you want to advertise and to who!

Facebook – A good starting point for any business to go to and you’re very likely to already be on there with a person account! 

Twitter – In the U.K. this is one of the best places for your business to find new customers and to get your product or service noticed.  It’s without a doubt to be one of the quickest ways of getting your message out there and for you to keep up with sector news.

LinkedIn – This is for businesses who would like to connect with business around the globe, and there are many benefits to joining.

Instagram – Only a good fit for visual businesses, such as  fashion designers and florists,

If this is not what you want to do, a simple online business listing on pages such as online directories and newspapers can be of benefit to finding some potential customers. There are many out there that are free, so hunt around and get listed. 

A new way of businesses advertising online is Google My Business where you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps who are searching for your services in your local area. This has been a very welcome development in the online marketing world and all businesses should be on there. 

UK Government Help.

Another place to go and get some really sound support, advice and inspiration for growing your business is from Business Is Great  This is a Government funded service, and there is everything you need from simple tax information, help with business growth, and information regarding Brexit that you will need to get your head around if you import or export anything for your business.


If you are new to business, one of the very best ways of meeting local business owners is to join a Networking Group. Here you will meet people in the same boat as you where you will be given the opportunity to gain referrals and free advice from established business owners. Networking with different groups is a very good idea as this can expand your reach of potential connections, and as a new business these are invaluable. There are many organisations to look at and a good place to start is The British Chamber Of Commerce which sits at the heart of a unique network of businesses across the UK. 

Accounting & Tax.

If you are moving from a PAYE job to a self employed role, there is a great deal of new things that you must be aware of, including tax and National Insurance contributions. It is always advisable to find a local accountant who can advise you of everything to do with tax, and it is important to know your responsibilities. You can also look at the HMRC HMRC Tax Returns website page for self employed tax return help and advise.

Home office, or business premises.

Check out one of our other blogs A new office is a new start, where we talk about the benefits of both options!

There is so much to consider before you begin a new business, but it is always good to remember that you’re not alone, and there is more help out there at this time, than any other.

If you are looking to grow your business and are looking for an office space in Brighton, you can call our office at 01273 830330 or email us info@thedockhub.co.uk to book an appointment with our office management team.

Business Networking For New StartUps

So, you have decided to start a business on your own, or in a partnership, but you don’t know what to do next to gain customers, or to put your mark on the local business community.

Business Networking is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of getting your business out there, but some people (if not most) dread the idea of meeting new people to try to pitch to. This is the first and most common mistakes to make, as Networking is not really a thing to ‘sell’ your services to. Think of it as a good way of speaking about your new business ventures to a whole host of like-minded people who are already established within the local business community and that you can gain valuable knowledge of the local area.

Before you head out to try a new Networking Event with your handful of shiny new business cards, there are a few things that you need to do to ensure that you’re not going to be refused to join due to poor manners or lack of basic understanding of the events rules.

Rule number one is to choose the right organisation or event to attend or to apply to join.

The reason for this is that some event organisers don’t allow more than one business from the same sector attend. A good example of this is having 2 Plumbers at the same event. This is because each chapter, or event will promote each other’s services to prospective connections and competition may be an issue which is avoidable..

When it comes to seeing if the event is the right one for you are the rules, which you must adhere to. Some events state that you must refer a business from your chapter each week to someone or another business. Some people aren’t too comfortable with this and should you not adhere to this (or other) rules, then your membership will be potentially quite shortened and you may be asked to leave. 

Some events insist on weekly attendance, which is a good rule to have as it ensures that a good weekly turnout and shows a commitment to the organisation. However, should you miss more than the allotted weeks, you may find that you’re asked to attend more regularly or you may have to leave the chapter. The way to look at this is to make sure that you fully commit to a chosen chapter as it can really pay off in the long term for your business growth.

Develop good business relationships with your chapter’s attendees.

This is where you can gain some very important relationships with local business owners who have been around the track quite a few times. You may be surprised when you realise just how valuable attending business networking events regularly can be. 

Don’t be shy and go and meet as many people as possible, as everyone there will be welcoming and will introduce you and your business to the other event attendees. Remember that you can meet some unsuspecting connections that can really give your start up business a genuine launch!

Prepare, prepare, prepare…

There is nothing worse when you attend a new networking event and go along with no information about your business (except what you already know!) It is not uncommon for new attendees to turn up with no business cards, leaflets, or other information about what they do! Also a good pointer is to prepare to answer questions about your business. Sounds simple, but it has been seen time and time again that new business owners don’t know their own USP or Unique Selling Point. You have to know this, and if you don’t, then get working on what makes YOUR business unique or special. 

Dress to impress.

Yes, we know it’s a cliche, but dressing appropriately is absolutely vital as it shows you care about appearance and how you and your business comes across to people, and prospective customers. If you’re a tradesman, grab a clean sweater or top with your business logo on it, and remember, be memorable!

Ask questions.

There is nothing more awkward when attending a business event is to run out of questions to ask fellow attendees. This comes across as showing a lack of interest in anyone else’s business and is considered a big no no in the networking world. You are there to learn about everyone’s business, and it is also a good opener in pitching your business to others. Something that you can always count on is that when you’re talking to a business owner, that they may know someone who is looking for your specific services, so always be interested as this can lead to more referrals for you!

What can YOU do for others?

Offer some exclusive free services or products to members. This can be from a ‘free quote’ for work, free consultation or a free low cost product. You will be amazed at how this works as you will always be remembered. Plus it gives you a very good opportunity to try some business practices!

When attending networking events, always be helpful by listening out for possible referrals to your fellow chapter members. These can be from customers, friends or other business owners and you may also find the favour is returned! 

What NOT to do.

It’s an exciting time to get out there and promote your business but there are some things that you must consider before you head out in the business networking world. 

1) Don’t overspend on fancy business cards, pens, merchandise and other worthless stuff! This can ruin a business before it starts. There are many options on where to get some great deals of printing etc. For your first few print runs, don’t buy a huge bulk buy as you may be stuck with countless cards which may be irrelevant in 6 months as your business services has possibly changed. One of the best places to go to get your first business cards from is Vistaprint https://www.vistaprint.co.uk/ 

2) Only talk to people you know. It’s called networking for a reason, so get to it! Meet as many people as possible and never be afraid to circulate!

3) When given a business card, don’t just shove it in your pocket, as this shows a certain degree of rudeness or un interest in someone’s business. A good tip is to have a business card holder for other business cards and make sure that the card given is placed in there for safe keeping as you will need it for the next tip below!

What TO do after the event!

Follow up with an email or message to a new business owner you met. When you have met someone new that you may think is a good connection, or you just simply enjoyed meeting them, it’s always a good idea to send a short email to them to say how nice it was to meet them and how you enjoyed finding out about their business. Don’t however use this as an opportunity to re sell your business!

Always remember…

As a new business owner you are there to make connections and to get known in the business community. Networking can have some incredible benefits when starting out in business, and can lead to help in growing your business. 

Want to take a look at what’s on in our local area? Check out these Local Business Networking Events in Brighton & Hove!

The Breakfast Club is an established (est 2001) business networking group which provides a fun and supportive opportunity for businesses in and around Brighton and Hove to gain more business, to learn how to network more effectively and to learn from each other. They meet on a Tuesday morning in Hove at The Courtland’s Hotel starting at 7.15 am and finishing at 8.45 am.

Brighton Chamber.

A dynamic, supportive and welcoming membership organisation for businesses of all sizes. Our purpose is to help and support our members, while working with the wider business community to develop the conditions that will help them thrive.


Toast. Business Networking In Brighton & Hove.

Toast is a business referral networking group and there are many benefits to becoming a ‘Toastie’ The organisers would be happy to discuss these with you at our meetings. Feel free to come along with no obligation to find out more!


Hove Business Networking Breakfast (BNI Hove Albion) 

Only allow one representative of each profession or trade to become a member. This policy means members never have competition in the room but instead have a group of people who are very pleased to use or recommend their services.

Meetings are totally free to try (including a free breakfast) and there is no obligation to join.


4N Brighton Business Networking Lunch.

Looking for new business and contacts?

Come along and check out 4Networking Brighton Lunch!

We’re a friendly networking group that meets every other Thursday at the Brighton & Hove Golf Club Devil’s Dyke Road BN1 8YJ.

Please note that the event costs £15 (including VAT) to attend. This is payable in cash on arrival.


If you’re looking for a venue in Brighton & Hove to hold a Networking event or a new base for a chapter, why not contact us at The Dock Hub to enquire about our online Conference Room, which is available to hire! 

Call 01273 830330 or email us at info@thedockhub.co.uk for more information.

Some Of The Many Things To Do In Brighton & Hove

There is so much to do in Brighton if you live there, or are visiting for a fun day, or a weekend away…or it’s your place of work! From gyms and health clubs to the endless pubs and wonderful restaurants catering for every foodie imaginable, Brighton is a place that everyone will certainly enjoy and find something for everyone! 

We have put together a list of some of the many things to do in this awesome town located in the South of England.

Gyms health and fitness

Snap Fitness Hove.

84-86 Denmark Villas, Hove BN3 3TJ.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 


The Zumba Zone.

Email: contact@thezumbazone.co.uk

Phone: 0754 2953408

Is it a carnival? Or is it a workout? No, it is ZUMBA with the ZUMBA ZONE! It is like a sultry night in Havana with the energy of Miami and the fun of Rio. Join TheZumbaZoneUK class, let your hair down and get fit the Latin way!


The Gym Brighton Madeira Drive.

Unit 9 The Terraces, Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1AY.

0300 303 4800

Open 24/7, you can take your pick from over 170 pieces of the latest gym equipment or join one of the inclusive exercise classes with cheap gym membership that’s flexible and contract-free! 


DW Fitness First.

78 – 81 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE.

01273 916168

Open 7 days a week, from 6am to 10pm on Monday to Thursday, 6am to 9pm on Fridays and 8am to 8pm over the weekend, so you can fit your workouts in around your life.


Alive Gym.

25-27 Castle St, Brighton BN1 2HD.

01273 739606.

Hosts various fitness classes throughout the week and members have unlimited number of classes.


Cycle Brighton.

86 Ethel Street

Brighton and Hove

BN3 3LL.

01273 567733

Cycle Brighton has teamed up with some of the best UK cycle companies to offer you a fantastic range of bikes to suit all riders. From Touring, Tandem, electrical, Mountain and Standard Hybrid Bikes For Hire!


Brighton Outdoor Fitness.

Contact info@brightonoutdoorfitness.co.uk

Brighton & Hove’s biggest, friendliest and best Outdoor Fitness Group! Your first session is free – just turn up!


Activities to do and things to do in Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club.

Village Way, Brighton BN1 9BL

The club’s home ground is the 30,750-capacity Falmer Stadium, situated in Falmer to the north east of the city. The Football Club was Founded in 1901, and is nicknamed the “Seagulls” or “Albion. The team competes in the Premier League.


Sea Life Brighton.

Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1TB.

0871 226 6770

Discover the ocean by Day and Night.


Brighton Palace Pier. 

Madeira Drive, Brighton BN2 1TW

01273 609361

Brighton Palace Pier is so much more than just breath-taking views, rides and attractions!  


British Airways i360 Viewing Tower.

Lower Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2LN

0333 772 0360

The famous Viewing Tower with the most spectacular view of Brighton & Sussex!

Shopping in Kemptown.

Kemptown has been the main shopping area in this part of Brighton since the late 18th century which is reflected in the many independent businesses still thriving along the bustling thoroughfare.


Brighton’s North Laine.

If you’re looking for great shopping the North Laine offers a unique retail experience!


Brighton Beach & Seafront.

Voted one of the Top 10 city beach break destinations in the world, Brighton & its beachfront cool are legendary.


Hove Museum and Art Gallery.

19 New Church Road, Hove BN3 4AB.

A family friendly museum with one of the finest craft collections in the UK.

Festivals and Yearly Events in Brighton

Brighton Festival

Brighton Festival is an annual celebration of music, theatre, dance, circus, art, film, literature, debate, outdoor and family events – taking place in venues both familiar and unusual across Brighton & Hove for three weeks every May.


Brighton Pride

“Historic, inspired and unparalleled. Brighton Pride is one of the best international pride festivals, we love it” Attitude Magazine.

Described by The Guardian as “the country’s most popular LGBT event,” the Brighton Pride Festival is a vibrant celebration of all that is wonderful about Brighton & Hove’s diverse community, with visitors from across the globe enjoying its spectacular celebrations.

Brighton Vegan Festival

Packed with hot and cold food, cosmetics, campaigns and more all at a great venue, and is organised by Farplace Animal Rescue. 


Brighton Chocolate Festival

Indulge your senses during the Brighton Chocolate Festival weekend and discover a selection of chocolate-themed exhibitors, including award-winning chocolatiers & chocolate makers. 



Oktoberfest Brighton 2019

Hallo und willkommen auf Oktoberfest 2019.

The world famous Oktoberfest lands in Brighton!


Boundary Brighton

A festival with three stages of music, a vintage fair, delicious local food and other unexpected treats, all nestled between the crest of the Downs and the City with the sea below.


Fiery Foods Festival 

At the i360, Brighton

Lower Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2LN.

Come and join in the fun at the hottest food festival in Brighton!


Theatres, Venues & Nightclubs in Brighton

Theatre Royal Brighton

New Rd, Brighton BN1 1SD.

0844 871 7627.

Presenting a range of West End and touring musicals and plays, along with performances of opera and ballet.


Brighton Dome.

Church St, Brighton BN1 1UE.

01273 709709.

An arts venue that contains the Concert Hall, the Corn Exchange and the Studio Theatre. 


Brighton Music Hall.

Kings Road Arches, 127, Brighton BN1 2FN.

01273 985552.

Set in Victorian seafront arches, a pebble’s throw from our award winning beach, Brighton Music Hall is a true institution.


The Hope & Ruin.

11-12 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3WA.

01273 325793.

Lively, laid-back pub with reclaimed vibe, for craft beers and live bands in upstairs music space.


Green Door Store.

2, 3, 4 Trafalgar Arches, Brighton BN1 4FQ.

07944 693214.

Live music club in a railway yard with a late bar every night, free entry, and a green door.


Latest Music Bar.

14-17 Manchester St, Brighton BN2 1TF.

01273 687171.

A live music venue with a cabaret stage downstairs and a skylit restaurant/bar upstairs.


Casablanca Jazz Club.

3 Middle St, Brighton BN1 1AL

01273 321817.

One room for live music and one for DJs, where people come to jam, get on down, or both.


Coalition Nightclub

Brighton’s oldest seafront nightclub. 

If you’re not out clubbing in London then you must be in Brighton, right? Coalition Brighton is the standard rite of passage when down on the seafront, and is located literally on the beach!


The Haunt Brighton – Indie Nightclub.

The Haunt is a brilliant multi purpose independent venue located in Brighton’s coach station opposite the iconic Brighton Pier.


The Arch Club

Decades of top quality events have made the building become renowned for being one of the south’s dance music institutions.


Club Revenge

32-34 Old Steine



01273 606064

Gay club for themed/dressing up parties and DJs, with panoramic sea views from the rooftop terrace, and is Brighton’s biggest and most popular LGBTQ+ nightclub.


The Funky Fish Club & Bar

19-23 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1TL.

Bijou club playing funk, disco, dance and house classics, plus an airy bar with sea and pier views.


A New Office is a New Start!

Why consider moving your business to an office space, and not continue to use your home as a base for your office? 

Check out some of the reasons here!


Your business is growing at a rate where you can no longer sustain running it at home. You are now taking on a team of staff…which is great, however, there are many other reasons why you should consider having your business located at an office space away from home.

It’s a huge decision for any business owner to make, but with the right preparation and timing , it can excel your startup into something much, much bigger!

Did you know if you have a home based business that…

Your mortgage company or landlord may not allow you to run a business from home. If you don’t have permission things can quickly get very complicated.

Breaching the terms of your mortgage could risk the loan being terminated and being repayable immediately. This is a big risk, that must be ironed out prior to you starting a home based business!

Your home insurance policy may become invalid should there be any claim from a customer who has visited you on your home business premises. If you have not notified your insurance company of the changes, this will invalidate your home insurance policy, even for a private home claim such as damaged items. Also trying to gain a new insurance policy in future may become a problem for you as many insurance brokers can reject your application on your history. 

If you live in a Leasehold property, you will almost certainly be unable to use your home as a base for a business as your Leasehold agreement will state that you cannot run a business from the property. Check your lease before you consider starting your new business venture!

You have completed a health and safety check of your home office and have found that there are too many hazards to run your business safely from home. If this is the case then there is only one option of moving to a new premises.

You may need planning permission if you are making changes to your home, or if running your business will cause a ‘material change’ in the use of your property. This can be somewhat costly and take many months for this to go through the local authority, with absolutely no guarantee this will be accepted by the legal planning department.

If you work from home, the part of the property used for your business may be liable for business rates while the remainder of the property remains liable to council tax.

You may need to check with neighbours to ensure that they are happy with you stating a business which may disturb them, and you will have to contact your local council’s planning department for advice if:

  • You intend to make alterations – such as building an extension for your business.
  • Your home won’t be mainly used as your private residence
  • Your activities could possibly disturb neighbours, such as increased traffic and visitors, noise and smells.

Benefits of moving to an office space

Get support from your office management including tech support and assistance. This can include many things such as establishing a secure internet connection and phone lines.

Your premises will be fully insured to run your growing business from. This will be included in your monthly rental agreement and you will be fully insured to run your business from scratch. 

You can have as many employees as you are allocated by the size of your office with no concerns of potential risk, as the assessment would have already been completed by the office management.

You also don’t have to worry about Health & Safety assessments as these would of been passed for use of the premises.

A more productive office environment can help you have the right staff levels needed, where a home business is unlikely to help you grow due to the many restrictions you will experience should your business be at a place where you are growing. You will maybe lose out on business without even knowing it!

It gives you a private space so you can have meetings with your customers or team members, or to arrange interviews for new candidates. 

It shows prospective clients and team members that you are a serious and established business owner and that they should work with and for you.

Moving from a home based business to a new office location allows you to bring your business into line with your company branding.

It gives your business a brand new makeover!

It gives a clear distinction of a work, home balance.

It is also a very good indication that your business is growing!

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” 

— James Cash Penney, founder of JCPenney.

Visit us at The Dock Hub

If you are looking to grow your business this year, you can arrange a visit with us here at The Dock Hub so we can show you some of the many facilities we have here for our business Hubbers!

Call our office at 01273 830330 or email us info@thedockhub.co.uk to book an appointment with our office management team, even if we don’t currently have an available office space, as we can add your details to our waiting list so you can be one of the first to know when we have a suitable unit for you and your growing business!

What makes Brighton and Hove the ‘Silicon Beach’ StartUp Capital Of The U.K?

Did you know that LLoyds Bank has named Brighton the most promising startup hotbed in Britain?

So what makes Brighton such a great place to have your growing business located?

Brighton and Hove Silicon Beach Startup Capital of the UK

“Brighton combines proximity to London – where the action is for client work – with an incredible innovation culture and talent pool,” Claire Mason, founder and CEO at Man Bites Dog.

“Brighton provides talent, culture and fun in equal measure and is a fantastic place to grow a digital business.” Matt Barker – CEO, mpb.com.

“Brighton’s scene has large numbers of small businesses that apply a very high level of creative and critical thinking to tech to generate commercial value.”

Phil Jones – Managing Director, Wired Sussex.

If you’re considering a new startup venture and are looking for a great location away from London, you will be hard pressed to find a better place than Brighton and Hove! Check out some of the reasons why!


Brighton topped the chart of the best performing businesses in the UK with a success rate of 88% with Birmingham and Belfast had 84% and 82% respectively. Comparatively, London only had a business success rate of 69%!

According to a recent report from The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry, high property costs coupled with skyrocketing business rate have resulted in many London-based business and SMEs having relocated outside the capital or are considering doing so.

There were a total of 7,635 new businesses incorporated in the BN postcode area in 2018, up on 6,006 in 2017.

There are about 370 SMEs & 66.4 startups per 100,000 of the local population in Brighton, with 80% of Brighton business owners said there is enough local talent with the right digital skills in the city to sustain their growth. 

Brighton is only an hour and a half away from London and only a 30 minute train journey to Gatwick Airport.

Small businesses in Brighton and Hove created 490 jobs in the city in 2018.

Brighton has an 87% survival rate of small businesses, which is considerably higher than many other areas of the U.K..

Brighton has up to 10 times faster local economic growth versus the national average.

Support for local businesses in Brighton & Hove.

Business support and links for startup businesses from Brighton & Hove City Council.


Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce: 

The Chamber is keen to develop new businesses and does so by offering training and networking opportunities.


Sussex Chamber of Commerce: 

The Chamber of Commerce for Sussex provides a host of professional services to its members including help with HR, legal queries, and training.


MD Hub:

Provides support to managing directors and offers a range of monthly seminars led by leading business names, and workgroup advice sessions.

The Funding Room:

Book meaningful conversations with investors in your local area, to pitch your idea and potentially get the start-up funding your business needs, or the scale up finance to get you to the next level.

If you are currently looking for an office space for your growing business, call 01273 830330 or email us at  info@thedockhub.co.uk to arrange a no obligation viewing of The Dock Hub and to find out what makes it THE place to have your business in Brighton and Hove!

If we have no office space units available, we can put your details onto our waiting list, so you will be one of the first to know when we have a suitable unit available for you and your business!




Elite Business

Tech Nation

6 Unexpected Things to Consider When Moving Offices

6 Unexpected Things to Consider When Moving Offices

Moving into your first office space? Needing to downsize or upsize your office space?  Whatever your reason, there are so many things to consider when moving offices. Once you find your perfect office space, like our office space for rent in Brighton & Hove, there is so much to do.

5 common things to consider when moving offices

  1. Signing the lease
  2. Getting insurance
  3. Buying new office equipment and furniture
  4. Hiring and planning with your removals company / IT professionals
  5. Plenty of planning and scheduling to make sure that your first day in your office goes smoothly

When moving offices, it’s easy to get caught up in shopping for new office furniture and equipment and endlessly liaising with suppliers to lineup schedules for your big moving day. Before you fully immerse yourself in the minutiae of your move, here are a few less obvious tasks to add to your to do list.

5 unexpected things to consider when moving offices

1. Recycle unwanted office equipment and furniture

When Brighton & Hove City Council moved from 100,000 square feet of office space to their new office space, they were recognised with a national award for their City Re-use project.  ‘The project used Freegle, the free online reuse app, and led to more than 150 tonnes of unwanted office furniture and equipment, from desks and chairs to plastic in-trays to ring binders, being reused and given a new lease of life.‘ 

  As you prepare for your office move, you’ll inevitably have items you no longer need. Plan ahead and identify items that won’t be moved to the new office early. Not only will your unwanted items benefit another small business or charity, but you’ll also reduce the cost of your move.  

Watch this short video to inspire your big move to be a green one


2. Purchase headphones for your employees

Your employees may need to have a video conference with a client or supplier. Using headphones during online meetings is one of the best ways to prevent audio problems.   Another good reason for purchasing headphones is that some employees find it difficult to concentrate with the background noise in an office. Give them permission to be their most productive selves.  

Earbud style headphones can be inexpensive, and you can really wow your employees when they sit at their new desk with a gift of earbuds in a case with your logo.  

3. Give your employees Focus At Will

To go along with your employees’ new headphones, the day after you move in, activate your a 28 day free trial of Focus at Will for your team. There will be a lot of extra noise as the team settles into your new office. Your team can put in their headphones and tune out distractions. Make sure all of your team try it. One week before the free trial ends, get their feedback on whether it made them more productive and decide whether it’s worth purchasing to improve your team’s productivity. 

According to Focus at Will,  ‘Scientists have discovered that depending on your personality type, there is a specific type of “music” that when engineered just right, puts your brain into a “flow state” making you hyper-focused and exponentially more productive.’ Focus at Will has been proven to 4x your focus and optimize your productivity.    

4. Get a standing desk with a communal use laptop

If you have a small team and the computers you provide for your employees don’t have inbuilt cameras, make the laptop at the standing desk the designated place for having online video meetings.

By having a communal laptop, you give your employees a chance to change up their work day. One employee might welcome a break from listening to her colleague crunch his  crisps for his elevenses. If you have an employee struggling with a temporary back problem, being able to spend part of the day standing may help them concentrate by relieving some of their discomfort when sitting.

According to the Office of National Statistics , ‘musculoskeletal problems (including back pain, neck and upper limb problems) resulted in at 30.8 million days being lost by British workers in 2016.‘  A standing desk alone won’t prevent these kinds of problems, but there is certainly no harm in encouraging your employees to sit less.  

5. Go paperless

Do you have a dusty filing cabinet by the photocopier with contents that nobody needs? Unnecessary and unwanted documents in lever arch files lurk in every office.

With OCR scanning, you don’t have to hoard old documents that take up space, ‘just in case’. OCR technology makes the text in your scanned documents you scan searchable. There are even companies that can take care of your scanning for you and help you to index documents.

Scanning your documents may also make it easier for you to comply with the ‘right to be forgotten’ part of GDPR. Imagine if one of your old clients exercises their right to be forgotten, and you’ve continued to store their data against their will in that dusty old filing cabinet everyone forgot about.

Digital records make it easier to assess the data you store and purge what you don’t need. A local Brighton business, Lollipop Print  has CRB checked staff who can, ‘sort, prepare, scan and index your documents. Bar code reading, OCR, ICR, match & merge, look-up tables and other world class technology is employed to eliminate manual processing, maximize throughput speeds and reduce costs to a minimum.’

Before you move, have a good clear out of your documents. Scan what you need and get the rest securely shredded. You’ll save money on your office move and enjoy the clutter free new office space that your team deserves.  

6. Choose an office that accommodates cyclists

Make sure you select an office that works well for employees who choose to cycle into work. The exercise is good for their health and better for the environment, too. Look for an office space with bike racks and shower facilities. The Dock Hub has both and a cafe so your employees can start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Look after your cyclists. They may inspire colleagues to cycle into work, helping to create healthier, more productive employees.  The Dock Hub offered it’s Hubbers a FREE bicycle service by Bike for Life, courtesy of Brighton & Hove City Council that was funded by the Department for Transport’s Access Fund for Sustainable Travel.

Even if you don’t have a programme like this in your area, you can have an annual bike service event as a perk for your employees. 


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