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Moving into your first office space? Needing to downsize or upsize your office space?  Whatever your reason, there are so many things to consider when moving offices. Once you find your perfect office space, like our office space for rent in Brighton & Hove, there is so much to do.

5 common things to consider when moving offices

  1. Signing the lease
  2. Getting insurance
  3. Buying new office equipment and furniture
  4. Hiring and planning with your removals company / IT professionals
  5. Plenty of planning and scheduling to make sure that your first day in your office goes smoothly

When moving offices, it’s easy to get caught up in shopping for new office furniture and equipment and endlessly liaising with suppliers to lineup schedules for your big moving day. Before you fully immerse yourself in the minutiae of your move, here are a few less obvious tasks to add to your to do list.

5 unexpected things to consider when moving offices

1. Recycle unwanted office equipment and furniture

When Brighton & Hove City Council moved from 100,000 square feet of office space to their new office space, they were recognised with a national award for their City Re-use project.  ‘The project used Freegle, the free online reuse app, and led to more than 150 tonnes of unwanted office furniture and equipment, from desks and chairs to plastic in-trays to ring binders, being reused and given a new lease of life.‘ 

  As you prepare for your office move, you’ll inevitably have items you no longer need. Plan ahead and identify items that won’t be moved to the new office early. Not only will your unwanted items benefit another small business or charity, but you’ll also reduce the cost of your move.  

Watch this short video to inspire your big move to be a green one


2. Purchase headphones for your employees

Your employees may need to have a video conference with a client or supplier. Using headphones during online meetings is one of the best ways to prevent audio problems.   Another good reason for purchasing headphones is that some employees find it difficult to concentrate with the background noise in an office. Give them permission to be their most productive selves.  

Earbud style headphones can be inexpensive, and you can really wow your employees when they sit at their new desk with a gift of earbuds in a case with your logo.  

3. Give your employees Focus At Will

To go along with your employees’ new headphones, the day after you move in, activate your a 28 day free trial of Focus at Will for your team. There will be a lot of extra noise as the team settles into your new office. Your team can put in their headphones and tune out distractions. Make sure all of your team try it. One week before the free trial ends, get their feedback on whether it made them more productive and decide whether it’s worth purchasing to improve your team’s productivity. 

According to Focus at Will,  ‘Scientists have discovered that depending on your personality type, there is a specific type of “music” that when engineered just right, puts your brain into a “flow state” making you hyper-focused and exponentially more productive.’ Focus at Will has been proven to 4x your focus and optimize your productivity.    

4. Get a standing desk with a communal use laptop

If you have a small team and the computers you provide for your employees don’t have inbuilt cameras, make the laptop at the standing desk the designated place for having online video meetings.

By having a communal laptop, you give your employees a chance to change up their work day. One employee might welcome a break from listening to her colleague crunch his  crisps for his elevenses. If you have an employee struggling with a temporary back problem, being able to spend part of the day standing may help them concentrate by relieving some of their discomfort when sitting.

According to the Office of National Statistics , ‘musculoskeletal problems (including back pain, neck and upper limb problems) resulted in at 30.8 million days being lost by British workers in 2016.‘  A standing desk alone won’t prevent these kinds of problems, but there is certainly no harm in encouraging your employees to sit less.  

5. Go paperless

Do you have a dusty filing cabinet by the photocopier with contents that nobody needs? Unnecessary and unwanted documents in lever arch files lurk in every office.

With OCR scanning, you don’t have to hoard old documents that take up space, ‘just in case’. OCR technology makes the text in your scanned documents you scan searchable. There are even companies that can take care of your scanning for you and help you to index documents.

Scanning your documents may also make it easier for you to comply with the ‘right to be forgotten’ part of GDPR. Imagine if one of your old clients exercises their right to be forgotten, and you’ve continued to store their data against their will in that dusty old filing cabinet everyone forgot about.

Digital records make it easier to assess the data you store and purge what you don’t need. A local Brighton business, Lollipop Print  has CRB checked staff who can, ‘sort, prepare, scan and index your documents. Bar code reading, OCR, ICR, match & merge, look-up tables and other world class technology is employed to eliminate manual processing, maximize throughput speeds and reduce costs to a minimum.’

Before you move, have a good clear out of your documents. Scan what you need and get the rest securely shredded. You’ll save money on your office move and enjoy the clutter free new office space that your team deserves.  

6. Choose an office that accommodates cyclists

Make sure you select an office that works well for employees who choose to cycle into work. The exercise is good for their health and better for the environment, too. Look for an office space with bike racks and shower facilities. The Dock Hub has both and a cafe so your employees can start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Look after your cyclists. They may inspire colleagues to cycle into work, helping to create healthier, more productive employees.  The Dock Hub offered it’s Hubbers a FREE bicycle service by Bike for Life, courtesy of Brighton & Hove City Council that was funded by the Department for Transport’s Access Fund for Sustainable Travel.

Even if you don’t have a programme like this in your area, you can have an annual bike service event as a perk for your employees. 


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