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Did you know that LLoyds Bank has named Brighton the most promising startup hotbed in Britain?

So what makes Brighton such a great place to have your growing business located?

Brighton and Hove Silicon Beach Startup Capital of the UK

“Brighton combines proximity to London – where the action is for client work – with an incredible innovation culture and talent pool,” Claire Mason, founder and CEO at Man Bites Dog.

“Brighton provides talent, culture and fun in equal measure and is a fantastic place to grow a digital business.” Matt Barker – CEO, mpb.com.

“Brighton’s scene has large numbers of small businesses that apply a very high level of creative and critical thinking to tech to generate commercial value.”

Phil Jones – Managing Director, Wired Sussex.

If you’re considering a new startup venture and are looking for a great location away from London, you will be hard pressed to find a better place than Brighton and Hove! Check out some of the reasons why!


Brighton topped the chart of the best performing businesses in the UK with a success rate of 88% with Birmingham and Belfast had 84% and 82% respectively. Comparatively, London only had a business success rate of 69%!

According to a recent report from The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry, high property costs coupled with skyrocketing business rate have resulted in many London-based business and SMEs having relocated outside the capital or are considering doing so.

There were a total of 7,635 new businesses incorporated in the BN postcode area in 2018, up on 6,006 in 2017.

There are about 370 SMEs & 66.4 startups per 100,000 of the local population in Brighton, with 80% of Brighton business owners said there is enough local talent with the right digital skills in the city to sustain their growth. 

Brighton is only an hour and a half away from London and only a 30 minute train journey to Gatwick Airport.

Small businesses in Brighton and Hove created 490 jobs in the city in 2018.

Brighton has an 87% survival rate of small businesses, which is considerably higher than many other areas of the U.K..

Brighton has up to 10 times faster local economic growth versus the national average.

Support for local businesses in Brighton & Hove.

Business support and links for startup businesses from Brighton & Hove City Council.


Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce: 

The Chamber is keen to develop new businesses and does so by offering training and networking opportunities.


Sussex Chamber of Commerce: 

The Chamber of Commerce for Sussex provides a host of professional services to its members including help with HR, legal queries, and training.


MD Hub:

Provides support to managing directors and offers a range of monthly seminars led by leading business names, and workgroup advice sessions.

The Funding Room:

Book meaningful conversations with investors in your local area, to pitch your idea and potentially get the start-up funding your business needs, or the scale up finance to get you to the next level.

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